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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nicer than expected

It turned out to be a nicer day than expected. The forecast was for rain and thunderstorms. That may still happen; but so far it has been sunny; but humid. It feels warmer than the 66 degrees that it is.

I went against doctor's orders and mowed the lawn. I was supposed to wait at least until tomorrow; but since the forecast for tomorrow looks wet, I did it today. The only good thing about it was that it wasn't as thick as it was last week.

I got the WAS CW QRP award application and QSL cards mailed off to Newington today. According to the automated USPS "clerk", the package should arrive on Tuesday. I have no idea what the backlog might be on processing awards. It will be interesting to see. Since today is Saturday, to be fair, I will consider Monday to be Day One.

Maybe someone out there has filed for WAS recently and can give me a clue as to the current turn around time.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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K2DSL - David said...

I did my WAS 100% online via LoTW confirmations and it took just a couple of days.

At the beginning of the month I submitted 100+ DXCCs via LoTW and an additional 18 or so via QSL cards checked by our local card checker. Referencing http://www.arrl.org/awards/dxcc/appstatus.html which is the DXCC application status page, they are processing requests submitted the week of April 3rd. No idea if there's any correlation between the processing times.