Monday, May 11, 2009

Worth the price of admission

Once again, I'm not going to Dayton, although I'd really, really like to. In fact, with Thursday being the day that I'm scheduled to have this wisdom tooth out - I'd like to be pretty much anywhere besides sitting in THAT chair!

Then, to make matters worse, Doug Hauff W6AME announced the release of the above little beauty at Dayton this year. It's called the Bushwhacker; and it's a single lever paddle ( I love single lever paddles!).

This is how Doug describes it:

"Incredibly adjustable, the Bushwacker has three paddle lever pivot ratio positions, providing an incredible range of feel adjustment, from gentle-soft to hard & notchy, & anything in between!"

I'm pretty sure I want one. Here's a link to American Morse Equipment. Maybe I'll place an order after Dayton if I can get some coins assembled in an orderly fashion.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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