Saturday, May 30, 2009


This afternoon, the doorbell rang. It was the Postman with a piece of registered mail for me, that I had to sign for. It was my 50 WAS QSL cards back from the ARRL.

That was very nice; but somewhat surprising as I have not received the actual award yet! My past experience with this kind of thing has been that I receive the award and then a few days or a week later, the cards come back.

I'm very glad to have the cards back; but now I'm wondering if the certificate got routed to the wrong address. I guess if I don't receive anything in the mail by next Friday; then I'll either be e-mailing or telephoning the ARRL to find out "what's what".

Saturdays are always busy around the W2LJ household; and today was no exception. But I did take about a half hour out of the hectic schedule of things for a quick listen of 15 and 10 Meters this afternoon. Considering that this weekend is CQ Magazine's Work All Prefix contest, I thought there might be some activity on those two bands. I heard a few Brazilian stations coming through on 15 Meters; but the QSB was fast and strong, and I didn't work anyone. 10 Meters was pretty dead as far as I could tell. I heard one or two W4 stations calling CQ; but couldn't even hear if they were getting any responses.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow, I'll get more air time.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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