Saturday, May 16, 2009

QRP Hall of Fame Inductees

As appeared on QRP-L:

The following people have been inducted into QRP-ARCI QRP Hall of Fame 2009

Hans Summers, G0UPL
This man is an inspiration to many QRP home builders said Rev George Dobbs. He has produced a whole series of novel and innovative designs for the QRP constructor.

Another said “He is an Elmer in the finest tradition of the term”

His "Pound Shop" radio articles let to a flurry of UK QRPers building something from almost nothing Perhaps his greatest contribution has been promoting QRSS equipment using simple circuits and very reproducible ideas His novel ideas for simple QRSS beacons have been taken up my QRPers worldwide.

Younger than many of the others in HOF, He offers us a future for amateur QRP design and home construction

Tony Parks, KB9YIG
The next recipient has brought innovation to the QRP and radio world by creating and offering specialised kits to the radio community.

More elaborate and expensive versions of his kits have been available for a while, but with his kits now every ham can have access to an affordable one. By putting inexpensive, high quality kits in the hands of experimenters this will advance his technology, as seen by the activity on the QRP email lists and Yahoo groups.

He has kitted thousands of kits and throughout all of this has had an incredible attitude and willingness to help other hams.

Martin Jue, K5FLU
A commercial vendor in Ham Radio, While his products benefit amateur radio in general, his impact on the QRP community is major both in terms of the products his company produces and his personal contributions to QRP and to this organisation.

His products are not strictly QRP, but it is clear that QRP has always been a major focus of his endeavours.

He has been an active supporter of QRP, and QRP ARCI in particular but not exclusively, as evidenced by his recent collaboration with the GQRP club’s India project. His donations to QRP in general and QRP organizations have always been generous and without “strings

Last year, he was approached while at Dayton to thank him for his support of QRP. His first words were, “What can we do to help your club?”

I could expand his nomination petition to a much greater extent, citing examples and instances of his contributions to QRP. Many of us probably have our own supporting experiences, so we really just need to focus on the fact that this man has indeed touched QRP on an ongoing basis to our benefit.

Rick Campbell, KK7B
The next induction is for a man who has the ability to convey complicated material by using simple analogies and practical examples, allowing his students to more easily learn.

He has also been the designer or involved in the design of several transverters, receivers and transmitters. He is a well known author and several of his projects have appeared in print. He continues to publish articles pertinent to QRP that are easily understood by average hams

He has been a speaker at FDIM on more than just the one occasion enlightening and entertaining us all.

There you have it - the Class of 2009.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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