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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good afternoon on the radio

I was able to put a decent amount of time on the radio today, interspersed among other chores and duties.  So far, I have been keeping my New Year resolution for getting on the air more.  I am way ahead of last year's pitiful QSO tally.

15 Meters was open nicely today and I had the pleasure of working W5KCM, Randy down near Ft. Worth, TX.  We had a small ragchew and Dick was using his Yaesu at the 5 Watt level and had a very nice 579 signal into NJ.  Later on in the afternoon, I heard Paraguay absolutely booming into NJ; but before I could get a QSO in, the band dropped out - just like that!

I snagged FM5LD on Martinique on 20 Meters.  I have worked Philippe several times before and he always puts a good signal into NJ.  For the rest of the afternoon, I just band hopped, listening here and there; and calling CQ here and there, having QSOs here and there.  I finished up by working Mert W0UFO as 6JSS/0 on 20 Meters before coming upstairs to get dinner going.

A cool tool for seeing where your signals are being heard is the Reverse Beacon Network.  This is a network of receiving stations that have CW Skimmer implanted and are constantly skimming the HF bands, worldwide.  You can go to the site, plug your own call sign into the query tool and find out just where you are being heard.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

1 comment:

VE3WDM said...

Hi Larry, never paid to much attention to the reverse beacon thing until the link on your blog. I had heard of it and just did not understand how useful it could be. Unlike WSPR it allows you to use your rig for contacts and at the same time shows you just how far your QRP signal is going. Sometimes when I am calling CQ I get the feeling I am either not being heard or there is just no one out there...with the reverse beacon I can see who copies me and that sure can be encouraging during a dry spell of CQ's.