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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Looks like KS will be as tough as TX.

Mike K0MDS posted on QRPSPOTS that he was going to be on the air as K6JSS/0 this evening from 0100 unit 0200 UTC.  The first half hour was spent on 40 Meters and I heard NOTHING!  For the second half hour, Mike is calling CQ on 80 Meters at 3.561 MHz.  Here, I can just barely hear him - 339 at best!  I can hear him work quite a few stations quite easily.

Maybe it's just propagation, maybe it's the storm that's plaguing 3/4 of the country tonight. Maybe New Jersey is stuck in the middle of an RF hole ....... wait a minute!  Persistence pays off again as Mike's wonderful ears pulled me out of the muck!

How this QSO took place is a thing of amazement.  There are plenty of times that QRP signals are as loud as any QRO signal; but not this time.  This QSO was a testament to K0MDS and his fantastic skill.  Thanks, Mike for pulling a tiny 229 signal out of the aether!

By the way, tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  Unless Mr. Groundhog has an ice pick on him, I don't think he's coming out of that hole, much less see his shadow.  While the rest of the country seems to be getting snow out of this monster storm - we're getting ice.  Oh, it's going to be lovely trying to get into work tomorrow!

72 de Larry W2LJ!
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