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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Flight of the Bumblebees 2012

After a couple of private e-mail inquiries, I've decided to address this here.

To be honest with you all, the fate of FOBB 2012 is unclear at best.

I sent an e-mail off to Rich Fisher KI6SN asking if he wanted me to manage it again this year.  So far, I have received no response.  Also the ARS Wiki and the pages containing last years' results and those of prior years seem to have vanished.

Maybe Rich has decided to do something different with FOBB for 2012 - not sure what is going on.

If I hear anything, you all will be the first to know. 

72 de Larry W2LJ
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grant said...

How about just having the event anyway? Without a response we have to assume it's not important to anyone but we who want to participate. Why not call it FOBB Enhanced or Evolved or just leave the title as FOBB?

72 de KT6L

Anonymous said...

Flight of the bumble bee's is a classic, please someone that's computer smart give us a way to have a number who really care's abt score!
Give me a number and i'll give u a call tnx 73 AG4P

Ken - WA8REI said...

Larry, if anyone can take the bull by the horns, errrr, the bee by the stinger, it's u. You're probably tired of being dumped on, yet at the same time you don't want to appear as a bully. Beeing the event is drawing near in time, I'd say go ahead with it. I understand a bee number is good for life. Do u have the bee list? 72, Ken, WA8REI wa8rei@charter.net

Gabriel - N6OSB said...

Another it's for you managing te event

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all let's have it anyway I have sent 6 emails asking for a bee number I get nothing in return I would like to do this I'd you go with it I'm Ben NC4AT operating in croatan national forest NewBern Nc I'll take what ever number you give email benepting@yahoo.com 72

Larry W2LJ said...

Ben and all,

If you want a Bumblebee number, please go to:


Rich Fisher is managing FOBB this year; and that is where you go to get a Bee number.

Larry W2LJ