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Friday, April 20, 2012

W1PID - at it again!

Jim W1PID proves that it doesn't have to be a long outdoor session in order to have success.


I need to remember this.  There are times when I am guilty of being lazy, I guess.  I hesitate sometimes, to set up the station even with the fast mobile setup, because I convince myself that "there's not enough time".

Jim proves that if you know what you are doing, that even 15 minutes can be enough.  And that's a good habit to get into.  In his case though (and I say this with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek) I have to admit the local scenery sure can make up for things even when the bands are dead.  Who wouldn't want to spend time out in the New Hampshire countryside?  The QSOs are the icing on the cake!

As always, thanks for sharing, Jim.   Another FB job, OM!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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Paul PC4T said...

Hi Larry, I like the stories of Jim, and indeed a nice scenery and nature. I am too lazy to for doing a outdoor set up. I must change my attitude. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul

DoctorPepper said...

Wow! That is a truly inspirational piece by Jim. Really makes me want to get out and operate "in the wild". Of course, on the east coast of Florida, we don't have beautiful scenery like that, but we have plenty of public parks. Time to break out the Elecraft K1 and the Buddipole!

73, Howard