Sunday, January 22, 2006

Too much fun!

A week ago, maybe two at most, I got wind of a new Yahoo Group that was forming. This one is called the Straight Key Century Club; and it is the brainchild of Tom Peterson KC9ECI. This group is dedicated not only to the CW lover; but to the CW lover who loves to use the original tool of the trade, the straight key. In order to accomodate those who have carpal tunnel problems, the use of bugs and Cootie keys is permissable. That the Morse has to be generated mechanically, is the "key". And no, I'm not sorry for the pun.

What is phenominal is how Tom's concept has caught on like wildfire. Over 500 Hams have joined just in the first few fledgling weeks of the club! Fortunately, that tells me that the prophets who have declared that, "CW and Morse Code are dead" clearly have their heads firmly planted up their nether regions.

The club's founders also had the vision to decide to locate the "watering hole" frequencies within the Novice/Tech CW allocations. So not only will entry level Hams get the chance to participate; but the rest of us will make those regions of spectrum sing once again with the delicious sounds of Morse Code.

So, if you love CW (and you probably do if you're even reading this) and you haven't joined the SKCC, then please hop on over to and see what it's all about!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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