Friday, July 07, 2006

Sage Advice

This was on QRP-L today. Tony Luscre K8ZT was answering a question posed by Kurt Loken AE6UJ about the feasability of working DX on 5 Watts. Tony is a Master QRPer and his response was so thorough that it deserves to be posted! (I have not listed the countries that Tony mentions in his post as it would fill up so much space. Needless to say, it is full of juicy DX!) This just goes to show, folks, QRP works and it works well. It will work even better for you if you have a plan. Here's a good one:
Kurt, I have worked the countries listed below with
5 watts or less. As others have said there are a
number of keys to successful QRP operations.

Here are some of my favorites::

1. Operate as often as possible
2. Operate during major DX contests
3. Good Antennas
4. Good Timing
a. Knowing when to try working each area of the globe
(learn about propagation!)
b. Knowing when to answer the calling station in pileups
c. Knowing how to answer the calling station in pileups
5. Know your rig. Learn how to--
a. make sure you are zero beat on the station you
want to work
b. effectively work Split
c. use Filters and/or DSP
6. Learn good operating from observing others
7. Persistence- do not be discourage if you do not
have immediate success
8. It is not the distance that is hard it is the
specific country (due
to activity level from that spot)
9. Use a computerized log that will allow you to
track your progress
10. Live a long life with plenty of years with
Sun Spot Maximums

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