Sunday, December 31, 2006

W2LJ Poll for December 2006

On my website, I ran a poll asking folks for their MOST FAVORITE method for sending CW. The choices I gave were straight key, bug, sideswiper, Iambic paddles, single lever paddle, touch key or keyboard. I got 28 people to respond and this is how it tallied out:

  • Straight Key (3 votes) - 10.71% of the vote
  • Bug (1 vote) - 3.57% of the vote
  • Sideswiper/Cootie (2 votes) - 7.14% of the vote
  • Iambic paddles w/ keyer (18 votes) - 64.29% of the vote
  • Single lever paddle w/ keyer (4 votes) - 14.29% of the vote
  • Touch key (0 votes)
  • Keyboard (0 votes)

It was no surprise to me that the Iambic paddle/keyer combination took 1st place. I was surprised that using a bug only received one vote and that straight key usage only received 3 votes. I guess not many SKCC members visit my Website!

My personal vote was for the single lever paddle/keyer combo. I love using a straight key and or a bug; but using a single lever paddle with the keyer on my K2 would be my most favorite. Strangely, though, I no longer own a good single lever paddle. I use my Elecraft Hex Key which I have set up so that it most closely resembles a touch keyer. Go figure!

I have a touch paddle kit that I bought a few months ago that I want to construct and experiment with. I guess I should add that to my list of resolutions for 2007!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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