Saturday, December 29, 2007

WOW !!!

Remember the days when you could get a nice sized TV (about 26 or 27 inches) for a couple of hundred bucks? Them days seem to be over!

Our television in the living room was on its last legs. Intermittently, it would turn itself off and back on. Very annoying when you're trying to watch something interesting. A few years ago, I'd have run out to Circuit City or Best Buy and would have picked up a replacement for maybe somewhere between $200 - $300.

First off, it's hard to even FIND a TV like the kind that used to be prevalent. Today, everything seems to be either LCD, plasma or projection. Secondly, the selection of TVs in the range of 26 to 27 inches is limited. Oh sure, it's incredibly easy to find something that will fit your entire wall; but there's also a man sitting next to those TVs who helps you fill out second mortgage papers!

Circuit City had just finished running a sale this week and they were all out of stock. A run across the highway to Best Buy led to me finding an 26" LCD by Westinghouse. Why my obsession with a 26 or 27" TV? Because anything bigger than that will not fit the pre-existing entertainment center; and for what I paid for that, I'm not about ready to get rid of it just yet!

Bringing it home and hooking it up was a piece of cake. I am a Direct TV subscriber but don't have the HD dish just yet. I plugged in the standard satellite connection, and while it's not HD it still looks better than the CRT TV that we had. This coming summer, just maybe I'll break down and get the HD dish installed along with the service. For now, the picture is fine.

Heck, I don't watch all tha much TV, anyway. I'm usually way too busy doing something else. But still, the price had me in sticker shock. I paid as much for this TV as I did for my K2. Hey, at least with the K2, I can talk around the world. Can't do THAT with an LCD TV !

73 de Larry W2LJ

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