Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

The times they are a troublin' ! The economy seems to be in the dumper, half the country is elated by the recent election results, while the other half is distressed. People are losing jobs and so far in the NorthEast, it's been a cold Winter (which officially doesn't even arrive for another month!).

But this Thursday, there will still be a lot to be thankful for. God Almighty has still blessed this country with innumerable gifts, for which we should all be thankful.

Maybe it's time to look past the material world and take stock of the spiritual. Our riches lay not so much in how many cars we have; or how big our houses are; or even how many "toys" we have; or even how many radios, antennas and other Ham goodies we own.

Our riches lay in the love of family and friends. Our riches lay in our ability to spend TIME with each other - not money on each other. Our riches lay in our ability and willingness to give our time and talents to those less fortunate than we.

These are the things that last, this is the treasure that will not rot or tarnish. So when you gather around the table this week for your big turkey dinner, BE thankful for the material things you have; because after all, all of that really belongs to God - He just lends them to you. But more imprtantly, be grateful for the family and friends that make "you" what you are - because God has given those to you also. It is a good thing to humble ourselves every now and then and bow our heads and give thanks to Him who gives us everything we have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. You've got the right idea here. Thankfulness is the only thing we own - the gifts themselves, the body/mind/emotions with which to enjoy them, the fact that we enjoy them - that's all God's doing. We'll be staying home for change instead of doing the inlaw shuffle. I am looking forward to saying the blessing over my own table!