Sunday, May 29, 2016

Grand slam?

So how big a home run has the ARRL hit with National Parks on the Air?  I guess when you've made the cover of the DX Engineering catalog - you could say a very, very big one!

Don't forget as we rapdily approach the first day of Summer, in about three weeks, that Skeeter Hunt numbers for 2016 will begin to be issued. I'm still tweaking the rules a bit to accomodate full integration of NPOTA into the Hunt. Bonus points will be awarded to those who activate an entity during this year's contest.

I've successfully chased about seven new ones this weekend. It's becoming a tad more difficult to hear new ones that I've never worked before.  I think the highlight was wortking K2EZ to get Morristown National Historical Park in my "entities worked" coluimn.  I helped Dave KD2FSI with his activation of HP28 and I went up there once by myself to activate it - but I had never worked it until yesterday.  While twiddling the dial on 40 Meters yesterday afternoon, I caught Andrea on groundwave and added another to the "worked" tally.

Even though the WPX CW contest was this weekend, my focus has been laser like on NPOTA. This event has been so much - it's almost kind of like having the 13 Colonies event all year long!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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