Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I have to pick up a space heater!

For the shack. I didn't participate in the 40 Meter QRP Fox Hunt last night as it was only 56F (13C) in the basement. Years ago, in my youth, that wouldn't have bothered me. Now it's just too uncomfortable and I confess that I've become a creature of comfort.

We're experiencing a blast of Arctic air here in NJ and whenever the outside temperature ventures into the "teens",  the basement becomes very chilly. Once it gets below 60F (15C) down there, it just gets too chilly for me to spend any significant amount of time behind the radio.

As it is, I typically wear three shirts at home during the winter months - a long sleeved T as a first layer, followed up with a golf type polo shirt as a second layer, with a heavier sweat shirt as a third layer.  In order to keep the gas bill at a manageable level, we keep the thermostat at 66F for the day and 64F for the night.

I need to move to the Carolinas, or Tennessee or somewhere like that. Or buy a space heater for the shack - which I think I will do.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least (and your fingers aren't frozen)!


  1. Clearly you need more high power tube rigs to generate heat!


  2. The Carolina option is better. First thing I did before I moved was sell the snowblower. I do have a shovel as we get, rarely, a little snow. The XYL is now to the point where anything below 70 is considered totally unbearable. Freezing here too but that means mid 30's. C'mon down Y'All :-)
    Marc, W4MPS

    1. PS- made my first QSO yesterday at the new QTH- 40 M QRP using my end fed. That needs tweaking but fun to get back on. Having probs with WSJT though. Still have to figure that one out.