Thursday, August 20, 2020

Interesting review

The lab599 TX-500 Discovery 500 QRP Transciever - initial thoughts on the part of Tom Witherspoon K4SWL (who I've worked on the air many times). Tom authored a good write-up and I encourage you to read it.

The rig looks like a real winner - although it seems a bit strange how they chose the 6 pin connector to hook up a CW keying device - and the fact that you'd need to devise your own connector cable to hook up a set of headphones or ear buds is a"different approach" to say the least.

It's nice to see that more and more companies are making products and kits for our market. It would seem that QRP is indeed alive and well - perhaps more than ever (even if Ol' Sol ain't exactly cooperating right now).

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Many rigs few hams 73

  2. Yes, a 'real winner' is exactly what I describe it as potentially being. I see at least one US reseller has it for sale now, and a fair few reviewers have had their hands on one (e.g. OH8STN).

    It's not just the QRP fraternity that should be excited. So should anyone who lives in a place where RFI is an issue (practically everybody in the inhabited world). I have no RFI at the moment, but it's a sure bet I will, one day. So I have stopped spending money for the home station, and spent all my energy (and far less cash) on developing /P and /M stations. Much more fun, relaxing, and one appreciates the QSOs a lot more.