Sunday, January 24, 2021

Another kit for your consideration

 I came across this one on Facebook in a post from ON6UU on the Amateur QRP Radio page. It's a kit offered by QRPHAMRADIOKITS by EA3GCY from Spain. I'm always on the hunt for some news to share with insatiable kit builders out there.

This is the EGV+ three band (40, 30, 20 Meter) CW transceiver. Here's an overview of the specs:


Frequency coverage:  40 - 30 - 20m  (6 to 16MHz continuous tuning)

KB-2 Keyer built in. 

Tuning steps on two ranges: 10Hz-100Hz-1kHz and 10kHz-100kHz-1MHz.

Mode: CW

RIT function: without frequency limit

Power requirements: 12–14VDC  1-2A transmit, 0.14 – 0.25A receive.

Antenna impedance: 50 ohms.

Controls: Tuning-pushbutton. Band adjust. Volume. RF attenuator.

Board dimensions: 180 x 140 mm.

Weight: (no enclosure) 0.3 kg.


Emissión: CW.

RF output: 8W - 5W  40 to 20m.

Output TX Amp:  AB class amplifier. High Quality output Spectrum.

Harmonics output: -45dBc or better below the fundamental frequency.

Other spurious signals: -50dBc or better below the fundamental frequency. 


Type: Superheterodyne. Balanced mixer.

Sensitivity: 0.2uV minimum discernible signal.

Selectivity: crystal ladder filter, 800Hz nominal bandwidth.

IF frequency: 4.915MHz.

AGC: on the receive path according to the received audio.

Audio output: 250mW, 4-8 ohms.

The price is 120 Euros, which translates to about $146.00 here in the States. Shipping is extra of course. It appears to be a "thru-hole" kit without any user end surface mount devices involved. I may be wrong, but I'm willing to bet that small SMD circuit board behind the LCD display probably comes pre-assembled (but don't quote me on that!) Here are a few more photos:

Looks interesting to me. Maybe not as fully featured as the QCX kits, but roughly the same price as if you were to buy three of them - one for each band.

The manual is downloadable off the website and orders can be placed right from there, also. If I had a spare $150 kicking around, I'd be seriously attempted to purchase one.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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