Saturday, April 02, 2022

So you fancy yourself the "Wordle" champ, eh?

To be honest with you, I'm not even sure how Wordle works. All I know is that it's some kind of word game where (I think) you have to guess the word of the day and you get a certain number of tries. All I know is that I see a ton of posts on social media about how people have done that day. Even my sister posts!

I've not tried, nor jumped into the fray, or think I ever will. At least the "conventional" game. There is a new one that I learned of today thanks to Dave Ring N1EA on the CW e-mail reflector. This version is called "Morsle".

Just for fun.

Morsle - the daily Morse code challenge

Welcome to the daily Morse code challenge

Brought to you by Remote Ham Radio

You have 21 tries to guess the word, which will be played aloud in Morse code.

Playback speed starts at 40 WPM, which is pretty fast, but don't worry! Every three tries, the speed decreases by 5 WPM.

Each time you play the word or submit a guess, you are deducted one try, so conserve those guesses until you are certain you have correctly guessed some letters.

You can guess at any time, even if there are some blank letters. Correct answers will be marked in green, but there are no other hints.

I got today's word on the second try at 40 WPM - so I guess I can still copy well enough. Good job on whomever came up with this! I look forward to rising to the challenge each day. In addition to the "main game", there's a practice session and you can change between regular words and call signs.

I'd like to see the "Wordle" champs take this one on!

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Good afternoon Larry and very nice find, I too gave it a go but I found it a bit more easy if I listened to the word and wrote it down. I found that clicking my mouse to begin and getting my right hand back on the keyboard took to much time.
    I too was able to get in the second try at 40wpm. The site has been bookmarked.

  2. Hey Larry, this is Rock, WW1X, creator of Morsle. Thanks for the nice write-up! The game was designed to be accessible by the general population, so it's going to be a little easy for operators with any amount of experience. For the seasoned CW ops, I just added Hard Mode, available in the settings screen, which makes the experience more akin to a Morse trainer.