Monday, August 01, 2022

Not sure if this is even available, anymore.

 This was the paddle I used yesterday for FOBB:

It's made from a Bulldog style paper clip.  I don't remember from where I got it; or even how long ago I acquired it - has to be 10 or more years ago. I always keep it in the portable ops bag in a hard plastic container along with my American Morse "Dirt Cheap" paddle.

This little guy has an amazingly good feel and action to it. You would think that it might get all fouled up once you hit a higher sending speed of say, 25 WPM or so, but no - it remains quite comfortable to use, and it doesn't get stuck and start sending extraneous dits or dahs.. The reason I like to use it when I'm operating from the patio table is that the rim of the table is metal. The base of the paddle is a magnet and when I place it on the table rim - it stays put!

I did a quick search on Google and eBay and couldn't find anyone who seems to be selling these. I'll have to take extra special care of it so that it doesn't get lost or damaged. Who would think that something so simple would work so well?

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. This looks like a K9LU paddle. As far as I can tell, the website is no longer active, but you can find it archived here:
    Somewhere I have instructions for making one from a binder clip.

  2. I have one of those Bulldogs. Not sure if it's a hombrew, knockoff, etc. The one I have uses a wood base. Works quite well for it's size. I've learned to use a bit of blue tack to temporarily keep it in place when working portable. Blue Tack is works well to keep my other mini sized keys in place too! 72 de KE2YK

  3. John VE3IPS7:54 AM

    I have the wooden base model. Works great but not as smooth as a Begali