Thursday, March 02, 2023

From the "weird" Morse Code file

As shown in the article this clock would drive me nuts. The clock has an LED that flashes the time in Morse Code. If I'm not mistaken, the time shown in the video is 11:55?  I don't know if that's AM or PM.

The author says the clock has a speaker and that would definitely work better for me. I suppose I could get used to decoding Morse by sight, but after doing it for 40+ years by sound, my ears feed dits and dahs to my brain more quickly than my eyes.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. I'm with you Larry. Morse was never intended to be read by sight. I wonder if this guy would make a braille clock?

  2. Add soon as I saw the headline I rolled my eyes and moved on. I am still learning Morse, but seeing it is not at all useful outside of a novelty toy that will end up being ewaste in no time.

  3. Light flashes with Morse code is hard for me to take. Btw I changed my blog site: it's now 73 Paul PAØK