Friday, April 05, 2024

The weekend a cometh!

My weekly list of what's going on:


Louisiana QSO Party -

SP DX Contest - - The land of my ancestors! I'll be trying to work some Polish stations this weekend!

Mississippi QSO Party -

Missouri QSO Party -

Special Event Stations:

04/06/2024 | Eclipsefest 2.0

Apr 6-Apr 8, 1300Z-0300Z, K2BSA/9, Makanda, IL. Greater St Louis Area Council BSA. 7.190 14.290 24.960 3.940. QSL. Shawn Banks, 1713 S 22nd St, Herrin, IL 62948. Questions can be directed to K9PWW. To receive a QSL, send your QSL & SASE.

Last night was the final 80 Meter QRP Fox Hunt of the 2023-2024 Winter Season, and I was one of the two Foxes up in the batter's box, along with Randy NC4RT. 

It was a bit of a tough night for me as so far as I was dealing with an S5 noise level which seemed to increase as the night wore on. I guess as far as 80 Meters goes, we're well into the Spring atmospheric season with its accompanying elevated seasonal QRN.  The buzz was bad enough, so I'm glad that I didn't hear any nets come on the frequency to force me to QSY like my first go at this a few months back. The map above is a screenshot from the Reverse Beacon Network, which indicates where I was being heard. That last long path into the Southwest didn't appear until late into the hunt. I switched between the HF9V and the W3EDP several times last night and it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I wasn't noticing any marked difference in performance between the two. If anything, I pretty much stayed on the W3EDP for most of the Hunt.

In all, with counting Randy and myself as Foxes, I handed out 55 pelts, which I guess isn't terrible. I freely admit that I put myself at a disadvantage as I do not use N1MM. I am a fossil and I log with pen and paper and transfer my QSOs to AC Log later. I am not keyboard savvy enough to computer log while operating when the pace is anything faster than a casual ragchew. By not using N1MM, I can't (and don't want to) use macros to send exchanges. I send by hand and I'm sure that was painfully obvious last night as I was pretty beat after a long day at work. I took special care not to linger too long in one place (like the sofa) after dinner last night, in fear that I would zonk out and miss the Hunt altogether!

I'm pretty sure that come next Season, I'll hang out with the Hounds. I'm also pretty sure that if I look at my season ranking among Foxes for handing out pelts, I'm probably pretty close to the bottom if indeed, not the cellar dweller. The Hounds deserve a much better operator than my caliber. The only reason I volunteered this season was because there were gaps in the schedule that needed filling. Hopefully that won't be the case next year.

Oh! By the way, not that it matters, but that Duraflame space heater that I recently purchased did a FB job last night. I went down into the shack about 90 minutes before the Hunt and it was only 61F (16C). By the time the evening's event started, it had risen to a more comfortable 66F (18C). I'll take that any day of the week during the heating season.

72 de Larry W2LJ

QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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