Wednesday, May 29, 2024

It's baaaaack!

Remember the monster sunspot that caused all the CME's and X-Ray flares a few weekends ago? You know, the mini-Carrington Event?

Well, guess who's coming back?

AR 3697 was the cause of the ruckus that weekend and is coming around for a second shot at things.

And AR 3691 is no small matter, either.  AR 3697 released a CME yesterday, but because of its position on the very edge of the SouthEast limb of the Sun, it's not headed in our direction.

It will be interesting few days - maybe we'll get a chance to see some aurora yet! As of this moment in time - 17:45 UTC on May 29th - the K index is 1 and the GeoMagnetic Field is very quiet. The Solar Flux Index is 166 and there are 131 freckles on the face of Ol' Sol. Band conditions should be decent. That could change in the days to come.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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