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On April 30th, it will be ten years since the "W2LJ - QRP - Do More With Less" blog was born.

In appreciation for all who read this blog, I am going to give something away to one lucky reader. I have a new, mint condition, unused, complete sheet of fifty United States Amateur Radio stamps, issued in 1964 on the 50th Anniversary of the ARRL - Scott #1260. I am going to have the sheet matted and framed - ready for display on some deserving shack wall. All I ask is that you send an e-mail to w2lj@arrl.net - entitled "Blog Anniversary Giveaway". Include your name, call sign and mailing address.

Any Amateur Radio op worldwide can enter. I will package and ship the framed stamps to any destination that the United States Post Office will accept.

The names and call signs will be loaded into a software program such as RandomPicker on April 30th and a winner will be determined. The winner will be announced here, and then the framed stamps will be posted.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

Monday, October 05, 2009


Thanks to Brian KB9BVN for posting this link on QRP-L:


The film is entitled "Radio at War" and was produced by RCA. Obviously a film to make the folks at home proud of their soldiers and sailors. It was interesting to watch as my Dad was in the Signal Corp during WWII.

He never spoke too much about it; but I do know he was stationed in Great Britain for a while before going over to the Continent. He was working on the joint project between the Brits and the Yanks to further develop the new concept of RADAR.

Maybe that's where my Ham genes formed so long ago?

73 de Larry W2LJ

1 comment:

Paul said...

Hello Larry, probably. This radio ham virus is persistent. We'll never recover from it. A fantastic movie!
73, Paul PC4T