Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making progress

Working on the front half - the CP board and the front panel.  I got the board mounted into the front case; and in the process, I think I discovered an error.  Not sure where it is though - the parts list or the assembly manual.

The kit is shipped with (6) 2-56 1/4" Black Pan Head screws.  According to page 13 of the manual, you need three if these to mount standoffs to the CP board.  But then you need four more to mount the plastic bezel (which attracts dirt like crazy, BTW).  That would give you a total of seven needed - one more than the six they ship you.

I brought this up to the KX3 reflector and will see what the answer is.  Knowing me, I probably read or did something wrong.

For ESD protection, Elecraft recommends three different ESD mats that can be used during construction.  They're all rather pricey, so I am using my trusty Radio Shack ESD mat that I have built all my other kits on.  That's the red you see in the photo above.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Good morning Larry, the build looks like it's coming along great....well except the "maybe" missing parts. I have an ESD mate along with the wrist strap. I have used it with all my builds and never had any troubles. Yes these mats can be very pricey but like you I did not spend the big bucks and it seems to work just fine. Keep the photos coming looks great!!