Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Evicted ..... tossed ..... thrown out!

My luck has not been the greatest so far this week. On Sunday, I got rained out of participating in the 2008 rendition of the Flight of the Bumblebees. Yesterday, I received another disappointment.

I went to the park during lunchtime at work yesterday and set up the PAC-12. Just as I was attaching the K1 to it (in a nice shady spot underneath a tree) a park worker comes up to me and tells me that I have to pack up and leave. It seems that they are beginning some kind of upgrade that involves excavation and that they were blocking off that side of the park, including blocking off the entrance. They had orange and white traffic barrels and yellow caution tape at the ready to do the job.

I returned to work; and during a quiet moment, I pulled up a Google map of the area and began scoping out other parks in the area. I found two and spent lunchtime today reconnoitering the two sites.

I think the one I will use is called Boynton Park in Woodbridge, which is the next town over. The drive to the park I was using was about 5 minutes. This one is about 7 minutes in the opposite direction. It has horse shoe pits, two lighted baseball diamonds and the mandatory playground area. However, next to the far ball field is a nice grassy area with a huge maple for shade. It looks pretty good; but it also seems to be used more than the other one I frequented so there might be more "visitors".

I'll be going there tomorrow to give it a shot if it doesn't rain.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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