Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Tis gone

Not to belabor the personal health situation here; but ......

Mr. Kidney Stone left the building today - exactly four weeks to the day since that dreadful day of pain on New Year's Eve.

I was at work using the Port-O-John (the building that I work at is in the final stages of construction, so we still have to use these) when I felt it leave and I heard the stupid thing strike against the side of the plastic urinal. It sounded like a twig snapping!

This was much to my relief because I went for a follow up visit to the urologist yesterday; and he told me that if the pain came back like it did that first day, then the stone was probably trapped in the ureter and surgery would be required. I'm always glad when the only knives that come near my person are those used for cutting steak!

On a radio note, solder has begun melting on the 160 Meter board for the K2 ! So maybe things ARE starting to turn around from the dismal beginning to 2009 (knock wood).

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    How do you like the K2. I put together a K1 a while back and was thinking of buying the K2.

    73 de Vaughn N2BHA

  2. Congratulations!....I feel the same way about knives.

    John N8ZYA Chas, WV

  3. Vaughn,

    Love my K2! I built the K1 first; and now use it as my "portable" rig. The K2 sits as the king of the shack. I got rid of my QRO rig shortly after building it and have never looked back.

    73 de W2LJ