Monday, February 02, 2009


The February issue of QST came in today's mail; and from the looks of things, there seems to be a few articles there that have actually caught my eye this month!

When RS10 and RS12 were happily orbiting the earth, I was quite the fan of them. While I didn't achieve WAS on them, I did manage a QSO with a Ham from the UK, which was pretty rare, as the two LEO satellites didn't have huge footprints. Related to this, there's an article on working the LEO FM satellites which has piqued my interest. Yes, I know it's voice and not CW (still QRP however!); but "man was not meant to live on bread alone", eh?

There are also articles on logging, which is always a favorite subject of mine. Also, during a cursory glance of the issue, there appears to be an interesting Vibroplex related article. Love those bugs!

The last article that I want to investigate further, is entitled "Build a Battery in a Box" which is about a contained AC to DC power system. That might spawn some ideas for a better portable QRP power system.

Happy reading!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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