Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer Doldrums

How can he be in the Summer Doldrums? First of all, it's only been Summer for a few weeks; and it certainly hasn't been hot enough in the NorthEast to be in the doldrums!

But, alas, I am in the Summer Doldrums anyway - at least the Summer QRP operating doldrums. I have been anticipating this time of year since the icy blasts of Winter. I scouted out a park near work and have been more than ready to spend many a lunchtime getting some quality "QRP in the Park" time in.

There's a monkey wrench in every plan; and a fly in every ointment. It has been so busy at work; that I barely get time to wolf something down at my desk - let alone get out of the building for a few precious moments!

With the economy in the stink hole that it's in; I am very happy and glad that I have a job - please don't get me wrong. BUT, a few minutes of QRPing everyday would go a long way towards warding off all the extra stress that's been accumulating lately.

I get in to work - blink my eyes and it's lunchtime! And just as I get ready to leave for an hour, an e-mail arrives in the "in box" or a phone call comes in with some sort of emergency that begs to be handled immediately.

How did we ever do things before computers and cell phones and BlackBerrys? These are supposed to be modern conveniences that make our lives easier. I seriously think that maybe they're just modern INconveniences!

73 de Larry W2LJ

PS: Can vacation come fast enough?

PPS: Re: my last post about Washington Rock and FOBB. If you get a chance, Google the term "Middlebrook Encampment". Very interesting history that happened pretty much in my "back yard"!

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  1. Maybe this will cheer you up: go to and follow the Apollo moon mission in real time. Just hearing that unique S-band static ebb and flow brings back a flood of memories.