Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cripes !!!

Did not do well at all in the NAQCC mW Sprint tonight! It was a hit and miss effort as I began - got called away - and returned with about 15 minutes to go. So, in all of about 25 minutes worth of operating time, I made 4 QSOs.


I was running the K2 at the 700 mW level and reached Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and Maine.

The band seemed noisier than last night during the Fox hunt, too. And every time I settled onto a frequency to call CQ, I got run off by a higher powered station that couldn't hear me. All in all, not an effort to be proud of.

The weather for New Year's Eve is supposed to be less than stellar here. We are looking for some snow and freezing rain tomorrow. Not much; but enough to make the drive back and forth from work yucky.

With the long weekend coming, the plan is to inventory the parts for the PFR3A and begin melting solder. Temp over the weekend are supposed to be in the lower 30s, so the basement should be warmer than it was last night.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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