Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In time for Christmas ????

I finally could not hold out any longer and sent Doug KI6DS an e-mail asking if my PFR3 had been sent out. I received a reply that it hadn't; but Doug knew there was one back order left; and since he had lost his old e-mails in his ISP changeover; that he was waiting for an inquiry from SOMEONE.

Well, that someone is me; and Doug informed me that my PFR3 was to ship on Tuesday (yesterday). And for my patience, that I could expect something else thrown into the mix. Now I can REALLY hardly wait. I am desperately hoping that the kit arrives soon and in time for Christmas. I will put it under the Tree and will get started on it as soon as I can.

Work has been crazy .... no other way to describe it. We just finished prepping 256 servers that are needed for Friday morning. All that is left is to label them with their hostnames. I have been putting in a ton of hours, which I don't get paid for, unfortunately. But I'm glad to have a job and for being gainfully employed, even if I come too late or too exhausted to join the Fox hunt fray.

Even though I am not taking anytime off for Christmas, I am looking forward to the two longer weekends off. Maybe I'll be able to get some needed rest.

As far as last Sunday goes, the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall was ..... spectacular! The weather, however, was not. It rained the whole time and we all got soaked (pretty much). I was hoping for some walk around time to show the kids the Big Tree and the skating rink. That didn't happen. We did catch a brief glimpse of the Tree; but that was it. The kids were duly impressed by Manhattan, though. We promised them another trip to the Big Apple in the Spring, when the weather is warmer and hopefully dryer.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. It's great that business is good, Larry, but I'm sorry that you're having to work all those extra hours for no extra benefit. I heard on the news last night that in the UK and Germany output has fallen by a greater percentage than the number of people who have lost their jobs. In the USA it is the other way round - a greater percentage have lost their jobs but output has been less affected.

    I wonder if American employers are using the recession to exploit their workforce and demand more work for less compensation?