Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another good day on the radio

And another good day to be indoors!  It's sunny and a lot warmer in Central NJ today; but you wouldn't quite know that if you stayed outside for any length of time.  The high for the day peaked at about 59F (15C) but there was a ferocious wind that made it feel quite colder.  However, for the few brief minutes when there were no gusts and if you were standing directly in the sun, it felt heavenly.

I got so spend a little time on the radio this afternoon and it didn't seem to be quite as busy as yesterday.  Also, 15 Meters seemed to be busier than 17 Meters, which was the opposite of yesterday, at least in my opinion.  I worked Greece, Brazil, Denmark, Aruba, the Turks and Caicos Islands.  I also worked a Special Event Station from the Slovak Republic for the IIHF Hockey Tournament, which must be taking place there.

The highlight of the day was working Steve WG0AT who answered my CQ on 21.060 MHz.  We exchanged 449 reports and only a few brief pleasantries as there was also a lot of QSB.  And no, he wasn't on the mountain top with Rooster and Peanut.  This time he was working from the friendly confines of his home station.  It's always nice to run into Steve and I asked him to say "Hi to the boys" for me.

Tonight is the Run For the Bacon, the monthly QRP Sprint hosted by the Flying Pigs.  Hopefully, I'll get to make a few contacts in that tonight and will get the chance to say hello to some more QRP friends.

One of the things on the "To Do" list for this week, is to stop by the hardware store and pick up a new painter's pole - preferably one that will extend to about 16 feet (approx. 5 meters) if I can find one.  With QRP To The Field coming up next Saturday, the current plan is to use the Buddistick from the backyard station.  The extended forecast for next weekend (if you can believe a forecast a week in advance) is calling for a cloudy day with a high of about 62F (17C),  If it stays dry, it just might be a very pleasant time.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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