Sunday, August 14, 2011


Trying to do not too much today.  It is rainy and cool and I am trying to rest my right foot.  Yep, I messed it up again, pretty much like last year, excepting this time I did a pretty good number on my ankle, too.  So once again, I am wearing "the Boot" and probably will be for the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, I was going through the computer, looking at old photos when I came across this old shack photo.  It has to be pre-2003 from before I went 100% QRP:

Geez, there's a lot of stuff there!  An Icom IC-751A with an Icom all mode 2 Meter rig, an IC-251A above it.  On top of that was a brick amplifier for the IC-251A.  To the right was an Ameritron amplifier (yes, I actually had one and used it, probably all about 25 times or so).  Above it was the high power antenna tuner. Above that was my QRP rig, an Icom IC-730 that I had modified so that I could lower it to the 100 mW level - sorry I ever got rid of that radio!  Above that was some sort of MFJ memory keyer that I don't even remember having!

Contrast that to 2004, when I built my K2:

I pretty much sold most of the other station off to buy the K2 among other things.  I don't have the external autotuner anymore as I eventually purchased, built and installed the KAT2.  The station is pretty much the same today with the addition of a few other keys besides the Hex key.

Same desk top - look at the space difference!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Larry as they say it is not how much you have but how you use what you have!!

  2. That reminds me. I was in the same situation as you ...

    but on your site even the boxes under the table are gone ... ;-)

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    "some sort of MFJ memory keyer that I don't even remember having"

    I know what you mean by that, OM!

    Bill N5AB