Saturday, August 27, 2011


Trying to get a few hours of ZZZZZs in before heading off to Emergency Management for 1:00 AM.  Irene's rain bands have NJ covered.  Every so often, you can really hear the rain come down HARD!

The eye is still south of the DelMarVa peninsula.  The winds have not seriously picked up as of yet.

The main worries right here now are wind, trees and power lines. Marianne is home from work; so the family is safe.  That will allow me to concentrate on the task at hand coming up.  That and a quick stop into Dunkin' Donuts for some ""go juice" before my shift starts.

There's been not much activity on the Middlesex County Slywarn frequency.  Heck, all the reports would be "torrential rain", anyway.  After this is over, I will be looking for a buy on a decent weather station.  I have been meaning to invest in one of those for way too long now.

West Coast - you got your earthquakes.  MidWest, you got your tornadoes.  Right now, we got our hurricane - although we did have an earthquake earlier this week, too.  No fair!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. I've been looking into building a custom weather station using an Arduino or some other kind of ARM for some time now, having been pretty disappointed with the feature set of even very expensive commercial stations. You might be able to save some cash and have some fun doing your own station as well.