Thursday, August 14, 2014

So long for now ..... sort of!

So long for now, sort of!

I have decided to ask Matt W1MST, the Editor at to end the mirroring of this blog there.  I know this may appear to be kind of sudden, but actually, this has been a decision that I have been trying to discern since this past Easter.

The content of this blog is mostly about QRP and CW as you all know. So actually, I do cater to a rather small niche in the Amateur Radio world, and the things of which I write are not of interest to everyone - or even a large portion of everyone.  In addition, I have also been known to throw in random posts here and there that are of a religious or political nature, when the mood strikes me.  And I also regale my readers with my wacky sense of humor now and then.  They say that writers should write about what they know best, and that's what I try to do - and at this stage of my life, I'm not going to change that.

That's fine for people who actually come to looking for that kind of thing.  They know what they're in for when they walk through my door. But to be foisted upon folks coming to a "general interest" Amateur Radio site?  I think maybe not so much.

So, readers, if you like my ramblings - please feel free to come to at anytime, 24/7/365.  The door is always open and you'll always be welcome. And per chance, should you not like what you see there - you're always free to "change the channel".

My thanks to Matt W1MST and for the continued support over the past few years. Matt has been a most gracious host, ever since he asked my permission to mirror this blog over there. Certainly, the service he offers to the Amateur Radio community is a treasure. I will continue to keep the link to active and open in my blog roll.  I hope you'll feel free to bounce back and forth between us.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I did that long ago for a very different reason: Matt's site earns him money - and does so from the labor/efforts of others.

    Any blogger who allows Matt to aggregate their postings is working for Matt...for no pay.

  2. Hi Larry, the same here... I stopped my contributions for Matt also, though I like his site. But I don't have much new to tell on my blog. So I only mention qso's or anything else on Twitter. I do have 1002 followers on Twitter and only 34 on my blog. So I end up active blogging. 73 Paul PC4T

  3. Larry,
    It's funny, I never/rarely operate CW, because of migraines (as we have discussed). I usually operate low power, unless chasing new DX, then it is QRO. That said, I happen to think you have one of the more interesting ham radio blogs, and I subscribe to your RSS feed. Just keep doing what you're doing

  4. I understand and respect Anonymous's position about contributing to It's not for every blogger and while some enjoy the greater readership exposure that the site provides, syndicating blog content there is certainly not for everyone.

    I appreciate every contribution. I would never want anyone to feel that they were being taken advantage of.

    Please know that I have a full-time blue collar job -- running the site is definitely not my occupation. Managing the site provides a very modest part-time income requiring daily work on the back end managing subscriptions, moderating comments, responding to emails, etc. It's not hard work but it does take my attention several times a day, 7 days a week, for significant periods of time.

    Your criticism is fair, to a point, but be sure to include eHam and QRZ (and even Facebook) who operate on a somewhat similar content contribution model. If this model doesn't suit someone as a blogger (for any number of reasons) then I can more than understand why they wouldn't want to participate.

    Most importantly, however, I want to thank Larry for his blogging efforts here. He truly is one of the very best ham bloggers online and I look forward to reading many posts to come.

    Matt W1MST

  5. Larry,

    so sorry to hear this. You were one of the most active and finest contributors to the site, in fact, I ran into your blog there. Leaving it is not a problem for me as I got your own site in my feedreader too but a loss for the folks that will go there in future.

    73 Jan DK3LJ

    Oh, and, good articles like the recent one about Maximilian Kolbe very much deserve the widest possible audience.