Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hey, Mister! Wanna see some sexy pictures?

Who said the fine art of home brewing is dead?

My friend, Bob W3BBO is at it again.  First it was the regen receivers, now it's 6L6 transmitters. Bob is reliving the fun and excitement of his old Novice days. You know, when every single QSO was exciting because it was accomplished with gear you built yourself.

The thing is that Bob doesn't have what you would consider a lot of fancy tools or a all decked out machine shop.  He's doing this excellent work with common tools that you and I probably already have.

So how come my projects don't come out looking half this good - heck, a quarter this good?  Bob has "The Knack" - I don't.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Home brewed rigs are rare and beautiful things to behold and use !!
    I love how simple tools in skilled hands can produce functional works of art.
    I like to home brew antennas because 1. they usually work well, 2. it does not matter how they look and no one usually gets close enough to 'inspect' them LOL...
    73 de K9PLG

  2. Hi Larry very interesting homebrew photos, thanks for shearing.
    I totally agree with the above points 1 & 2.
    73 de SV1GRN

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hi Larry, Good to hear you at the MP08 Shiloh NPOTA site. I missed FYBO this year but WN8Y and I are having a lot of fun with NPOTA. 72 Chuck AF4O PB153 da Hillbilly Bear.