Friday, December 04, 2020

Crummy year ......right?

 In a lot of ways. COVID, friends and family affected. Social distancing, jobs lost, businesses closed, Hamfests cancelled, the debacle that was Field Day - a pretty bleak year.

Wildfires out West, the antics of "protest groups", election year insanity, Churches being torched in Europe and all the craziness our European friends (heck, our world wide friends!) have had to deal with.

But this December 21st - maybe just a little something we can look at in the evening sky, that might just remind us of another celestial event that took place some 2,000 years ago.

Saturn and Jupiter will come close enough in the evening sky to become what astronomers call "a conjunction".

OK, so maybe it won't be as bright as the Star of Bethlehem, but maybe it will be enough to remind us that the Universe is bigger than our problems and that hopefully, the insanity will soon abate a bit. I'm not crazy enough to think it will stop completely, but Hope springs eternal.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Crazy and crummy in equal measure, for sure! And yet, I've done more experimenting down the beach with portable radio than any other year, and last week, met up with someone I haven't seen for 17 years. So plenty of good in amongst the bad, as well. Of course, people's blogs also lift the mood, so thanks for your scribblings!

  2. No dia que comemoramos o nascimento de Cristo, desejo que no seu coração renasçam a esperança, a fé e a paz. Feliz Natal! Que você possa viver esta época natalina em plena alegria, e na companhia da sua família. Que o amor e todos os bons sentimentos prevaleçam sobre o materialismo dos presentes. E que Deus conceda a você e toda sua família muita felicidade e saúde o ano todo. Tenha um Natal abençoado!