Friday, January 12, 2024

Field Day Results and other stuff

I did not make it down to the basement for the 80 Meter Fox Hunt last night. At around 7:30 PM, I made the HUGE mistake of sitting down on the couch "for just a few minutes" and you know how that goes .......... when I finally woke up, I picked myself up and went to bed for the night. I guess the saying goes "The best laid plans of mice and men ......." rang true for me last night.

Dave KD2FSI posted this to Facebook after doing a little analytical work on the ARRL published Field Day results:

2023 Field Day Results Database:

"I’m not sure when the ARRL posted the 2023 Field Day results in a CSV file format to their website, but I was able to download that file yesterday. The December issue of QST did publish the scores based on operating categories, but this CSV format can be imported to an Excel spreadsheet for further analyses of the standing.

We know from QST that SPARC scored in 4th place out of 8 entries in the 3A Battery category, but with this file we can now determine how well we stacked up compared to all other entries. So, the following is quick rundown of how SPARC did.

Of all the entries with a QRP power multiplier of 5, we ranked 26th out of 436.

Of all the entries in the NNJ section, we ranked 3rd out of 72!

But what I think is most impressive, is that out of a total of 4447 log entries submitted, our final score of 4720 points put SPARC in 249th place. So, this means our ranking works out to being in the top 6% of all the Field Day operations nationwide.

This is even more impressive when you consider that with just 3 battery powered transceivers, running only 5 watts out to wire antennas, that SPARC can compete this well compared to operations running as many as 12 generator powered transceivers at 100 watts along with crank up towers with beam antennas sitting on top.

So great job SPARC, and I’m looking forward to our 10th anniversary of Field Day operations this coming June. 73, Dave KD2FSI"

Things going on this weekend:


North American QSO Party, CW -

NRAU-Baltic Contest, CW -

DARC 10-Meter Contest -

SKCC Weekend Sprintathon -

"Sprintathon" - now THAT's an oxymoron if I've ever heard of one!

Special Events:

01/13/2024 | 123rd Anniversary of the Lucas Gusher

Jan 13-Jan 14, 1400Z-2200Z, K5S, Beaumont, TX. Beaumont Amateur Radio Club. 14.250 7.250 3.870 14.074. Certificate. Beaumont Amateur Radio Club , 4839 Hwy 326N, Kountze, TX 77625. E-certificate also available. or

01/13/2024 | Last NVA MIG Shot-down by USS Midway F-4 (12JAN73)

Jan 13, 1700Z-2359Z, NI6IW, San Diego, CA. USS Midway Museum Ship. 7.250 14.320; PSK 14.070; DSTAR on PAPA System repeaters. QSL. USS Midway Museum Ship, 910 N Harbor Drive COMEDTRA, San Diego, CA 92101.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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