Monday, January 08, 2024


Over the weekend, we received a small amount of snow. About a 1/2 inch before it warned up sufficiently to change over to sleet and then rain. Some areas of the Northern and Northwestern part of New Jersey received closer to 12 inches of snow.

Of course, that's nothing. compared to what is forecasted to be coming tomorrow into Wednesday. My area of New Jersey is supposed to be particularly hit by this monster coastal storm that will be dumping on the East Coast. 60 Trillion gallons of water may be unleashed along the coast by this storm.

South Plainfield is in the red area where we may see as much as 3 - 5 inches of rain. Even more troubling than the rain forecast is the possibility of wind gusts in the 50 - 60 MPH range. This is a concern for antennas, of course. But the consolation that I am taking is that my antennas withstood the full brunt of Hurricane Sandy with nary a whimper - but they were 11 years younger at the time. I'm hoping they make it though this time, as well.  The W3EDP would be a cinch to replace - but I would definitely not be able to replace the Butternut HF9V with a new version of itself - it's way too cost prohibitive for my budget.

It will be interesting. If I feel not-tired enough to partake in the 40 Meter Fox Hunt tomorrow night and all of a sudden signals disappear, I guess that will mean that particular antenna went "bye-bye".

Keeping fingers crossed.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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