Friday, June 23, 2006

Field Day Washout

The forecast for Field Day is for a flash flood warning! Heavy rains tonight, with an 80% chance of rain tomorrow and a 100% chance of rain on Sunday! It looks like I'll not be doing much of anything for Field Day this year.

The Piscataway Club will be operating out of the EOC this year - again. Depending on how I feel tomorrow evening, maybe I'll go over there and put in a few hours on the overnight shift.

Hopefully, next year, our fledgling South Plainfield Ham group will get together next year in one of the town's many parks and we'll have a real 'out in the field" Field Day.

The Flying Pigs are having a real good Field Day effort out in the Midwest. Wish I could join them. But I did the next best thing tonight - I managed to work them, W8PIG. I guess I caught them in the midst of set-up; or perhaps they put the callsign on the air from a local member's shack. One thing about my fellow Piggies - they know how to have fun! I wish them the best of luck (as well as all of you out there) this Field Day. Stay safe, stay cool, stay un-sunburned and un-mosquito bitten (and if you're in the NorthEast - stay dry.)!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Anonymous6:23 AM


    Not only do the Flying Pigs know how to have FUN, but they also know how to EAT. I got a note from Brian, KB9BVN a few nights ago where we were discussing Field Day food. Here is what he said about the W8PIG operation for FD:

    "There will be no hotdogs and burgers....

    Sat Morning - Biscuits and Gravy courtesy of N8IE

    Sat Lunch - Bratwurst, Beans, and Krauy courtesy of KB9BVN

    Sat Dinner - STEAK!! Courtesy of WB6JBM"

    The lil Piggies know how to do it right!

    73 es CU on the bands
    de Jeff, KE9V