Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Wire

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day. I plan to dig a small hole in the corner of the backyard; and will sink in cement a section of surplus military mast that I have. After it sets, I will add more masting; so this will end up as being a 25 foot mast in the back corner of my backyard.

The plan is to anchor one leg of my G5RV which is now attached to masting that is tied to a chain link fence post. It's currently not vertical enough for my taste. It leans a bit and I feel it is too precarious. Also, this will serve as an anchor for a new wire I plan to add to my meager "antenna farm". Next weekend, I plan to stretch an 88 foot length of wire from the second floor of my house to this mast. I will run either some twinlead or some ladder line down the side of the house to a 1:1 balun. I will run coax the rest of the way to my autotuner. At the end of this excersize, I should have an 88 foot end fed Zepp. Hopefully this wire will play better on 30 meters than either the G5RV or HF9V currently do.

In any event, it should be fun. Having one more piece of wire in the air certainly can't hurt.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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