Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I find DX QSOs for the most part to be pretty boring. I know, I know ..... QSOs with foreign hams are considered to be a premium. The foreign station is often besieged with pileups and fires off as many QSOs as possible to accomodate as many Hams as possible.

It was refreshing to have a DX QSO that went against the grain. I was hanging out near the QRP frequencies on 40 Meters when I heard a Cuban station, CO6XH calling CQ. No one was answering him, so I threw out my call into the night air.

Lo and behold, he answered me! Ydi, who lives in Camajuani, came back to me and gave me a 559. I answered him and gave him a 559 also. But delightfully, the QSO didn't end there! Ydi was running a SEG rig, running 15 Watts to a dipole. I came back and described my station as "QRP 5 WATTS ANT G5RV". He acknowledegd my information and we talked a bit more before wishing each other a good night and offering our respective 73. It wasn't the conversation of the century; but it was definitely better than "UR 599 TNX QRZ?"

I love DX QSOs that are more than contest style exchanges. THAT is how the goodwill is spread.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Larry - you are exactly right. Nothing is better than a DX contact were it goes beyond the basic exchange. Much more fulfilling... and the QSL card will mean a lot more as well.