Saturday, September 02, 2006

Learning the hard way

I'm definitely not an HTML expert; but I do have fun maintaining and trying to be creative with my Webpage. For the most part, I use Mozilla Composer that's part of my Mozilla Suite. I do like to try new things however; and there are some things that Composer just won't let you do.

One of the things that Mozilla is not capable of; is embedding sound files onto your Webpage. Since my Webpage (like this blog) is concerned mostly with QRP, CW and Morse Code, I thought it would be neat to have a little Morse Code play as the page is loaded. Nothing too elaborate, just a short little message in Morse Code.

Thanks to Google, I came across "The Web Diner" when I initiated a search on how to "add audio to a webpage". The first Google link was for "The Web Diner". The instructions were quite clear on how to do it and they even supplied the needed HTML code. All I needed to do was to figure out how to get the required sound file in the appropriate directory on my Host's computer. Memory kicked in and I remembered that I have a neat little program called WS_FTP LE on my computer. Using this program, I connected with my Host computer and added the needed audio file into my directory. Once I did that, the HTML I added took care of all the rest. Now when you load up my Webpage, you'll get to hear a short message in Morse Code at about 18 WPM.

Trial and error is a wonderful thing because once you learn something; your bound to not forget it in the future. I'm learning more and more about HTML and Web design which is a good thing. Maybe there's a future for me in Webpage design? NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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