Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just about done

As the title says, I'm just about done with the KAT2 internal autotuner that I purchased for my K2. I finished winding and installing the toroids tonight. All that's left is to make up the cables and complete the final installation.

I'm hoping that all goes without a hitch. I ran into some difficulty earlier by installing a pin connector wrong. I got it out and got the situation rectified okay; but in the process, I melted the outside housings of one of the latching relays just a touch. I don't think I did any harm; but won't know for sure until everything is up and running.

I'd gotten spoiled by the LDG AT-11MP. It will be nice to have an autotuner again. I'm currently using my Emtech ZM-2 Z match and my OHR WM-1 wattmeter to tune the antenna manually; just like in "the good old days". Some things are definitely better now than they used to be. Autotuners is one of them.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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