Monday, November 20, 2006

Giving Thanks

As a whole year has come and gone, I find myself yet again pondering Thanksgiving. It is this Thursday, that we as a Nation, set a day aside to give "Thanks" for the bounties bestowed upon us.

Bestowed upon by whom? By God, of course. As much as the secularists strive to force God out of every facet of our national life; He is still there, smiling upon us benevolently, giving us all the good things we have. I think He must be getting weary of our attempts to drive Him away. The secularists and their ilk blame God and religion for the evils in the world. It's their stupidity and arrogance that are responsible for the evils in the world. When men take on the role of god; and start to believe that they are mightier than He - this is where the world's troubles have their roots. I just hope He doesn't listen to the vocal minority; and take heed of their message only to abandon us.

But faith dictates that that will never happen. As long as the faithful remain, God will be in our midst. He promised as much; and I know He never backs away from a promise. He loves us too much for that; for after all He is love.

Every day is a reason to be thankful. That is a lesson hard learned via the "School of Hard Knocks". To give thanks on one arbitrary Thursday a year is absurd. But we do the things we do and we make the celebrations we make. So once again, I will give endeavor to list only a minute portion of the things I am grateful for.

First and foremost I give thanks to God for everything. For creating me and giving me everything I have. Without Him, I am truly nothing.
For my wife Marianne; her smile and her love make life worth living.
The laughter and joy and love of our two beautiful children, Joseph and Cara. I cannot imagine living in a world without them.
My Mom, who has taught me so much and has given me so much and has handed down to me the gift of Catholic Faith. It is because of her that I know what I know; and that I am who I am.
My sister, Ann Marie, who I love so much; as well as her husband David and their son, my Godson, Michael.
My mother-in law and my brother-in-law and his wife.
My Dad and my father-in-law; even though they are no longer here; both had a profound influence on my life.
For our house, which is our haven from the world. A place of peace, joy, and laughter, craziness and insanity, quiet and serenity.
For my job; and my wife's job, which helps to keep the roof over our head and food on the table.
For friends and extended family.
For the many friends I have come to know over the years via Amateur Radio. Many of these I have never met face to face; but yet these same unknown faces (as well as the known faces) are some of the best friends I have ever had.
For the great country and wonderful bounty that God has decided to bestow on us.
For the brave men and women in our military who keep our country free - these are the world's true heros.

The list can go on and on - where does one know where to stop? But in reality, making the list is not necessary. All that's necessary is to have the humility and wisdom to know where all the good things come from.

Once again ..... thank you, dear God, for everything!

To all my friends, all my family and to all of you out there who might take a few minutes to read these words - Happy Thanksgiving!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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