Monday, November 20, 2006

I know it won't last .....

Bur for now, for a few hours at least, I am the top scorer in tonight's Run For The Bacon! Wiigii!!

Wow! That was fun! I ended up with 22 QSOs in two hours of noise, noise, noise, noise. Actually, 40 Meters was a lot quieter than 80 Meters; but the band was very long and there were few if any, signals. If I remember correctly, maybe 5 or 6 QSOs out of the 22 were made on 40 Meters. And that is very strange; because normally, 40 Meters is the workhorse band. That honor goes to 80 Meters tonight. It was by far more productive than 40; but it also had a lot more QRN. It was to the point where I was sorely tempted to turn the rig off early; just to get away from the buzzsaw of QRN. I decided against it; and ended up working just a few more stations to bring my total past 20 QSOs, which was my goal for the night.

I know that come tomorrow morning, I will probably be knocked off the top spot for this month; but that's okay. I never expect to win any of these sprints; and if I place within the top 3 or 5, then I consider that I did very well for myself. The guys that I have come to know in these sprints are magnificent Amateur Radio ops. To come anywhere near close to them in a sprint like this puts one in rarified air, indeed!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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