Wednesday, November 29, 2006

QSL Cards

I came home today to find a packet of QSL cards awaiting me in an envelope from the W2 Bureau. I'm always excited to receive a packet from them. While I'm not a big time DXer, I enjoy receiving QSL cards from the foreign stations that I have worked.

This packet didn't include anything too exotic; but still the same it was nice to get them. Included were cards from Italy, Germany, the Ukraine, Romania, Grenada, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland and England.

What amazes me though, is the higher percentage of DX cards that I receive are very beautiful, glossy postcard type of QSL cards. These folks obviously take pride in procuring and giving out very beautiful specimens of QSL art. A far cry from the usual domestic "plain Jane" cards that I'm so used to seeing.

The best thing about these cards though, is that all the QSOs were QRP from my end. Nice to see proof positive that QRP works and works quite well.

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Hi Larry,
    You'll probably notice a LOT of them are from places like QSLshop

    Believe it or not, getting a full color card from them (or many of the other eastern European printers) costs about the same price as the "plain" cards do in the US

    73 de KG2V

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  3. While browsing through their "Images of America" QSL backgrounds, I found this:

    Is this REALLY what foreigners think Americans look like? lmfao!