Friday, January 05, 2007


The following appeared on the various QRP reflectors today:

QRP Hall of Fame

Members will recall that this is the time of year for the call for
nominations for election to the QRP-ARCI ‘QRP Hall of Fame’.

First off, before I go off on a rant here; let me state for the record that I really, really like the QRP-ARCI. I have a relatively low membership number (4488) and I joined up when the organization was dedicated to keeping output power at 100 Watts or less. That was a long time ago. An overhwelming number of people that I have met via the QRP-ARCI are some of the nicest people I have ever known. I will continue to be a member; but with that all said ....... as far as the above announcement goes ........ I say "Harumpffffffff !!!!"

A while back I nominated someone for the QRP-ARCI QRP Hall of Fame. And a friend, unbenownst to me, nominated another. Well, we found out about it and seconded each other's nomination. I won't divulge the name of the nominees; but let me say this, if you've been into QRP for any significant amount of time, you will instantly recognize the names of the two folks we nominated. We felt and continue to feel that both these folks have done a lot for the QRP community and the QRP art; and that they are both very deserving of being HOF members.

Neither one was selected. Okay, I know, it sounds like "sour grapes"; but really it isn't. I was somewhat disappointed that neither got in; but was ready to move on and forget about it for then. What upset me was a private e-mail that I received from a QRP "insider", shall we say. Again, I will not divulge who this "insider" is. That secret will go with me to the grave; but again, if you're into QRP for any significant amount of time, you would know who this was instantaneously.

Basically, I had "The Facts of Life" explained to me. I was informed that the selection process was not solely based on merit; but as usual, is somewhat political, too. Merit is not all that it takes. Among other considerations, appearances at the major QRP confabs; such as FDIM, or Atlanticon, Pacificon, Lobstercon, Ozarkcon, etc. are also taken into account. That alone floored me! What does appearing at QRP conventions have to do with being a member of the QRP Hall of Fame? I would think the accumulated body of work should be enough! What a person has designed, what services a person has offered, what things a person has taught, how much a person has shared with the rest of the QRP community - THESE are the things that should go into determining the Hall of Fame members!

I guess I am just idealistic, simplistic and naive in things like this. I always thought that merit and accomplishments alone should be the qualifier. The other superfluous things just kind of turn it into a clique, as far as I'm concerned. Revelations like this leave one jaded and disappointed. It will probably be a long, long time before I ever consider nominating a person for the QRP Hall of Fame again.

Now, before I close, I want to state emphatically that there is NOT one single, solitairy person that is currently in the Hall of Fame that doesn't belong there, in my opinion. Everyone who has been selected is most deserving of the honor. It's just my humble opinion that there are other deserving people who also belong; and are not being considered perhaps for the wrong reasons.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Amen Brother. Amen. I have nominated John Shannon, K3WWP several times and know others have nominated him almost every year. John is cream of the crop and it's a pock on ARCI that he isn't already in their HOF.

    73 de Jeff