Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pesky Armadillos

Tonight was the 2007 Pesky Texan Armadillo Chase sponsored by those "Pesky Texans" of the NeTxQRP Club. This is always a fun event. This year there were only 12 'dillos to chase around; and I managed to snag 7 of the armored critters.

KT5V, W5MJ, W5TA, N5ET, N5DO, K5OT and KG5U.

Normally I have a radio pipeline into Texas and Lone Star QRPers are generally easy to copy. Not tonight! It was a real struggle on 40 Meters as there was no shortage of static crashes and deep QSB. There were a lot of requests for repeats of information; and several times I had to really listen carefully to make out the callsign of the Armadillo who was calling CQ. Even with the cruddy band conditions, it was still fun.

Meanwhile, it's 11 degrees outside and I'm freezing!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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