Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Times have changed

Oh yeah - times have changed, haven't they?  When was the last time you came home from a hard day at work, only to sit down in your shack on your callsign embroidered seat cushions, loosened your necktie, while "the little woman" came and brought you a brewski on a tray, no less?

Although, listening to some of those SSB roundtables on 75 Meters leads me to believe that some of the boys may still be having a few too many brewskis.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hi Larry, this picture is like a dream from long time ago. The real world is so different. The XYL wil never get into the shack with brewski or not. She just shout for me, and if I don't hear it, bad luck for drinks. I think that counts for most of us poor HAMs ;-) 73, Bas

  2. Larry if I came home to a situation like that....only one thing...somewhere on my way home massive heart attack and I'm in heaven.

  3. Oh, I do like that picture. I wonder if there are any good quality copies or such available?

    73 de André

  4. Danny K9KHJ3:04 PM

    After 10+ years of inactivity--I acquired a used ATS3A (in Altoids tine)--and set up a portable camping table as my 'shack' table downstairs in the basement corner. Battery pack, itty bitty rig, straight key, scrap paper. And no Schlitz.

    I'm far and away from the Schlitz ad dude, but having just as much fun.

    Now, about that beer.