Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wouxun Mobile Radio

So here's a picture.  Not exactly too sure about any details; but you can click on the picture to look at the specs.  And I'm not sure exactly what might be getting lost in the translation.

Somehow I doubt that this will be a 2M/220/440 tri-bander like some folks I have heard desperately wish for.  If the quality is the same as the HTs; then it will surely be a good buy for the price.

Some of the radio forums are speculating on a price in the $150 to $200 range.  If this radio is like their HTs; then I'd be happy to buy a 2M/220MHz version, install it in my car and keep it on 220 MHz; and let my Icom do the rest.

BTW, so far there is no date mentioned as to when these will be available on the market.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hi Larry, KB2SEO-Drew here. Please note that this company is flooding the Ham radio market illegally with HTs and now Mobile units. They are able to sell them so cheap because they bypassed the System that is in place to legally sell them. they are not only illegal to sell in the US Per the FCC- they are not type accepted by the FCC- Something all commercial manufactured Rigs-REGARDLESS of its intended use seems to be.

    When you consider a smaller radio company like Alinco and others who try to scratch out a market share in our hobby, the last thing we need are illegal transceivers killing the market. To purchase that radio is no different than the influx of the CB garbage like Connex and galaxy "10 meter" radios are. If we are to continue with the traditions Ham radio has put forth, Act like Ladies and gentlemen, education,and CONFORMING to the Laws of the land.The Ham community can ill afford supporting this radio company and at the same time- Cause financial hardships to the Ham radio Companies who Do follow the rules and support our hobby and service.

  2. KE7YTF9:25 PM

    The Wouxun radios, I have two KG-UVD1P Dual Band HT's (2M/70Cm), and the work just fine. The ones you get from E-Bay will tune out of band, but the specs are good. The radios sold by "Wouxun USA" will not operate out of band and are FCC approved. Now, I don't know anything about their other products, so I'll to check them out. The ARRL Tech Services boys bought a KG-UVD1P HT at Dayton and a review is going to be in Novembers QST.

  3. Seems that we have conflicting information.

    Larry W2LJ

  4. It appears to me that Wouxun is following FCC rules. I'd suggest you look at the grant of equipment authorization for the Wouxun radio on the FCC web site:

    73, Bob K0NR

  5. Drew KB2SEO is so wrong I just wonder what rock he is living under. His lies were perpertrated by hams who think that the likes of Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu are American makes. They are of course Japanese and for some years now they have been out sourcing their production to China. Not surprising then that the Chinese said hey we can sell our own makes. These guys have been making rigs that conform to the specifications required in a myriad of countries including the US for years. They are just putting their own badges on them instead of those of some Japanese manufacture. Motorola almost all come from China these days too. I don't see anyone slagging these 'pro' rigs off like the Wouxuns. I have bought loads of Wouxuns and they out perform rigs costing five times as much, including how clean the signal is.

  6. I agree with Steve (GW7), in respect to the comments of KB2SEO.
    Perhaps SEO is lucky enough to be able to afford one the the top end Yaesu, Icom or Kenwood offerings, whereas I operate using what I can afford (Ic-706MKIg - 7 years old & Yaesu VX-7r - 2 years old).
    I bought one of the Wouxon KG-UVD1P HT's a couple of days back for $50, and the receive is BETTER than the VX7!

    Yaecomwoodco have had it good for many many years now, and virtualy controlled the amateur market - FACT.

    Now that the Chinese are producing a REAL working alternative, the 'big guys' are probably all having more boardroom meetings than they've ever had :-)

    Competition is healthy in any market, and usually good for the end user too.
    Case in point could be, for example, Icom and D$tar.
    At this moment in time, there are NO other amateur radio manufacturers producing D$tar radio (that I know of), even though the system is available for ANY manufacturer to adopt.
    Icom controls the monopoly on D$tar, enabling it to command very high prices for compatible equipment.

    Using the age-old 'it's illegal' argument with little or no basis in fact, is IMHO, giving your full support to inflated pricing policies.

    That argument is still being bandied about, and is occasionally thrown into discussions by the manufacturers themselves, or their agents for the very reason stated above (profit).

    I love the fact that these Chinese imports are stirring up the market.

    It's been a LONG time since there was anything really new on the amateur market, and the Chinese have the tradition of 'if you stand in the way, you'll get trampled', something the 'big guys' could learn from.

    I've actually seen a post on another VHF/UHF forum, from a manufacturer in China ASKING users what THEY would like to see in the next model, and even including an email address and phone number to get the message across.

    I could just imagine the big guys doing that.

    People are going to shop at Asda/Walmart if they can get an equivelant product, of equal quality, at a cheaper price.

    It's the nature of the beast - live with it.

    Flames welcome here:

    Just my 2c

  7. Paul,

    Comments are on moderation as I was getting some foreign porno spam a few months back. It sometimes takes a while until I get home from work and turn on the computer before I can send them on through. That explains why you didn't see your comment appear right away.

    Larry W2LJ

  8. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Its been a long time coming for someone to break the ham radio monopoly, in the UK we are already paying more for the same equipment than the lucky people in the US, I am really pleased about this competition, bring 'em on china!
    73 de Roger M0HRR England, UK

  9. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I purchased 2 of thes HTs from They are FCC type accepted. Amazing quality. A little funky to program but programming via a PC makes it a lot easier. Considering I paid under $100 each for these it was a bargin plus you do not overpay for the accessories. Can't wait for the mobile to hit the streets!

  10. wa2ars@arrl.com3:01 PM

    Have 2 wouxun HT's 1 for me and 1 for my wife.
    Bought them at Dayton.
    Great radios and they are FCC type accepted.

    Would like to see Wouxun come out with a D-Star radio.

    Already have a Icom-800H but would definately buy one if Wouxon came out with one.

    Mort WA2ARS

  11. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Drew KB2SEO,there is no type acceptance for part 97 so why are you up in the air about it.Wouxun radios are Part 90 and useable in public safety and also amateur use.I own several and have no problem with them and do not understand why it is a big deal unless you sell other brands.